Indoctrination (updated: wireframe, alternate render style added on 2nd page)

Indoctrination continues a series of thematically and stylistically related projects of mine which include The Emperor's New Vision and Venus di niente.

As always, interpretations are most welcome.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Ooh - Shiny!

My goodness, Robert! Excellent work of art! It reminds me of ancient egyptian style of art.

beautiful work! 5 stars

… 1 word from me… perfection

I just watched “The Fountain” and this reminded me of it for some reason.

Have you ever thought about putting together a coffee table book or anything? I’d love to have something like that lying around my house.

Five stars from me… for no particular reason, except that it looks great…

My eyes! my eyes! all those greebles on a superb rendering…

Definitely the H.R. Geiger of the Blender world!

I wouldn’t go that far. H.R. was definanetly too dark compared to Robert’s work. (Which is a good thing for Robert as I prefer it to H.R.'s)
Very nice work. I never come into a thread by you and expect to say anything different.

I was thinking more in terms of the level of detail and general style. True - HR Geiger is a few fries short of a happy meal if you know what I mean!

You’re loving that mirror modifier, i can tell. Perhaps I shouldn’t be able to tell? Indoctrinations is an unsettling time, a time of change, both within in adopting new methods, and often without in new places and new instructors and new associates. Having a balanced image emotes uniformity and harmony, but also complacency. I would ask that you add some unsettledness, insecurity, disruption…in my most humblest opinion.

5 stars in any regard.

Okay, why the heck does this have only 4 stars, it should be 5.

Fantastic work, you really love artwork consisting of statues surrounded by eye candy and detail.

nice work :slight_smile:
how long did you spend on this piece? looks like it took a long time to fit all that detail in

Really nice render!
Reminds me meet mayers renders, abstract but cool

Keep it up the good work!

Ok, man. Seriously. You need to stop now. Take a break. Go for a walk.

Ok ,woahhhh!!:slight_smile: 5 Stars!

I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy. Awesome render. !0 thumbs up, 10 stars!

Both literally and in the sense that I like it.

Hehe, I can’t help but notice, the head has a bit of the look of suzanne. Really nice work btw, Robert. Hope you put this one up in the .org gallery.

Golden Glimmering Grandeur… say that 10 times fast ;).
Very nice :smiley: 5 stars!