indoor office scene

hey everyone, i’ve been working on this project over the past couple of days (been home sick :P)
never really created a finished scene or project in blender, so I thought this would be a good way to improve my skills. mostly did low-poly game assets or started unfinished projects before this.
Thought this was a good way to familiarize myself with materials & lighting in cycles (though i never dealt w/ materials & lighting in-depth in any other engine) and just seeing how well I could develop an idea.
Pretty well pleased with my progress and the way it’s turning out so far. Still need to get proper coloring for chairs in foreground & room, as well as the buildings. Also need to detail the buildings so they are not so flat-faced, also correct outdoor sky and lighting. If anyone can help with any tips on how to get rid of the noise cycles creates, that would be great…I upped the render samples and did some things with the lighting, but I’m still getting a bit of noise as you can see if you zoom in a bit.
Other than that, please let me know what you think about the scene, the idea, etc…constructive comments, criticism, and suggestions please, keep in mind this is my first time making something meant only to be rendered out and look good :slight_smile:


It’s looking good, but the floor is too shiny, imo. also, if you want your buildings to look modern, don’t make them all rectangular. use some curvature on some of them, make some more complex, and give some a sheared look which is more and more common in modern buildings. the array modifier should take care of most of the details like windows and balconies and stuff.