(indoor) room by the beach

i’m not gonna be working on it alot during the weekdays but look forward for updates during the weekends when i have time to plow through blender like no other:)

yes, that’s a black window. yes, its FREAKING ANNOYING.
plz go here if you can help:

and how should i make the beach? post pro or simulated? the reason i ask this is because i was considering modeling a quick boat to be owned by the person that owns this house by the beach

note: i’m not that focused on materials just yet. i figuerd


I had a look at the blend file and it looks okay. First of all, make sure all modifiers are applied (mirror, subsurf, whatever) those won’t be exported as far as I know. Try making seperate models for the frame and glass. Both with one material. So just model a window-frame, give it a nice lil’ material, than make a flat cube in the window shape with a nice glass material. Make sure all normals are pointing out by going in edit mode, selecting everything and press ctrl N. If this wouldn’t work, your just doomed :). Good luck!

really? i have the table frame and the door frame (not updated yet) mirrored and it exproted them fine. i’ll try the separate objects

fixed it:
i had to have all normals facing the inside for it to work. perhaps it has something to do with being scaled by -1 on the y axis

btw, that was just a 45 minute render. i’ll wake up early to get a new render started and let it slide until i get home from school.


i really like the soft reflection on the floor it doesnt have that “i want a reflective floor so i hit you with a full reflection”-character.
makes it all flow together and creates some kind of warmth althoght the colors are cold

the white stripe on the floor, is that a caustic? if so it should get some company looks somehow lost and out of place. maybe increasing the softness would bring it more “into” the picture.
But the rest looks extremely clean and well done.

Not bad, very clean.

after examining some different camera angles, i’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the reflection of the sun mirrored twice…once off the floor and once off the table. out of pure coincidence, the sun somehow aligned exactly with the table and camera with the floor. i’ll realign the sun for my next render.