Indoor Scene

Hi, RCRuiz and I are working on this scene for our portfolio, he’s sopposed to be working on materials, lighting, rendering, becouse I suck at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what we got in OGL render (RCRuiz’s fault)

welll . . . this is not only for our portfolio . . it is also one test of the future Blend2Mental . . . . Now I have to learn the good use of MentalRay

This is a illumination test with GI and using the cristals objects emiting lights with a costum area light

A little update . . . . . I realy did not like the way that the illumination and materials were going so I decide to begin yesterday from 0 and I got this result in 1 1/2 h . . It need a diferent gama and some adjust but is not that bad :wink:

Un Saludo

Can we have a wire please.

Here you go :slight_smile: