Indoor scene

My first indoor scene…

My fourth blender project ever.

Any suggestions on what to add to the scene?

A quick note: the carpet is too rectangular. Use the proportional editing (hot-key O) and grab some vertices on the edge and move along x/y axis to give it a bit more character.
The hardwood looks a bit too shiny - take down some of spec I suppoose. You also might want to add some depth into the granite (or whatever the counter top is). Apply a bump map to it or noise texture and take the noise level up. On a final note: the chairs are too skinny I think. Maybe just a bit thicker and you will be even more on a roll. Lighting is a bit off, but other than that keep it up, the composition looks great!
Best of luck!

A pretty large update, with a mistake…-

I think that the carpet “hairs” shouldn’t stand up so much, ya know gravity does effect them. :wink:
I also think that the marble(?) should have a little more variation to it.