Industrial animation

I’ve read many posts on these forums that ask, “How can I make money with Blender?”, “Who is hiring Blender animators?”, etc.

I’m sharing what has worked for me. I do not make blockbusters. But I have had mild success using Blender for animation. You’ll find that many people need simple illustrations and animations for their businesses. Hiring an ad agency with access to 3D artists is expensive and prices most people out of the market. But a skilled Blender user can create simple, yet useful animations comparatively inexpensively. Finding businesses who need these services is something else entirely, and I don’t have good advice there. But they are out there.

Here is a short animation I recently created for a company that digs trenches in the ground for various construction applications. The particular animation shown is for horizontal dewatering (removing groundwater). It is fairly short and required basic modeling and the sequence editor to tie all the final clips together. The only difficult part was animating the tracks, but that didn’t take too long to figure out.

Thanks for the info. I agree, you don’t need a “big” package to accomplish most animation work.

A good place to start is your local, small, advertising agencies, print shops, etc. You can introduce yourself over email and link to your portfolio online but, to get a real relationship started, you’ll want a face-to-face. It’s nice having someone else do the sales.

Also check your local classifieds for companies hiring. Monitor the local papers for companies expanding. Growth can mean short or long term needs in many areas. Start networking with local professionals, too. Give it time and you’ll become a good businessman as well as an animator.