Industrial Design 3D Modeling Lectures - Winter 2021 Course

Hi all,

Here is the link to my new current Winter 2010 Industrial Design course I teach at Wayne State.

It covers a very modern approach to using general 3D modeling techniques to explore design ideas and prototype them.

Topics covered include:

  • 3D design utilizing surface / solid / and sub­D modeling techniques ­

  • 3D scanning - digitizing

  • ­Rapid prototyping and 3D printing

  • Product component assemblies and technical drawings

  • Digital surfacing best practice and workflow

  • 3D data exchange

  • Material design, shading and texturing

  • ­Product rendering, animation, and presentation

It focuses on Blender for concept modeling and rendering and will also show how to include Fusion360 which is free for hobby use.

It starts with installing and configuring Blender and is targeted for new users
introducing them to a best practice approach at the beginning before the course starts to pick up steam with projects becoming more advanced.

I hope you enjoy it.