Industrial Design, simple render

Hi ppl this is my first time with yafyay, the image has some errors (in the wood mostly) and in the reflection it looks a little pixelated…but anyway, it´s a simple work for tomorrow, so I won´t go any further with it.
if anyone know how to correct thos artifacts…thanks.

very nice, the rendering errors you mentioned really distract, but it is some nice curved modelling nonetheless.

Bump up the sub-surfing a bit and see if it helps with the pixelation of the reflections. Also increase the OSA, if you haven’t already.

you know, those are curves not subsurfs…anyway i´ll get a try.

Also tried the OSA but it´s still pixelated in the chrome, and so weird in the crome of the table.

There’s a UV resolution for NURBs surfaces. I don’t think yafray or Blender autotessellates the surface at render time so you have to set it manually.

I like it! :smiley:

Its good because it shows the view from “under” the table and chairs. The side we never see.

Some things to improve:

Of course the metal. Way to reflective. So reflective it looks like ice almost. It looks like you can see through the table leg.

More colour. At the moment there are really only two colours. Brown and white.

I don’t know if its supposed to be this way but the chairs and table look too tall. Like they have been stretched out. But that might just be the style you were going for. :wink:

Needs something to draw attention. A character or something. Maby a trail of ants picking up food, like its at an outside cafe? That would be cool. Then you call it, “View from the ants”. :slight_smile:

BTW is the table leg square or round?

I like this piece a lot. But still needs a few more refinements. Look forward to an update.

I like it very much (I would add to the sampling to see if it helps yr pixellization). Great style.


thanks redbyte

but…the metal is just plain chrome, @0.700, but because it´s ambient oclusion and done in yafray, it´s reflecting the world, I could do it better with HDRI or something like that.

The colors: it´s supposed to be like this, it´s not my design, it´s a copy of an original.

it looks tall because it´s the “ant view”, the chairs and table are perfectly done, it´s a scale copy.

it´s won´t have a character, this work is for industrial design, it´s an object demo.

the table leg is round.

I do not have time for an update, I did it in a few hours for a work i have finished, so it´s time to go ahead :smiley:

thanks for your support

All I know is that artifacts are sometimes the result of triangles in your objects. So if you have them, change em. Past that, it’s a nice render.

i think i big wad of gum under the table would add alot to the image :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I tought so :smiley: