Industrial Light & Magic' CG rendered New York City for Avengers

We all know that the folks of Industrial Light and Magic are an amazing outfit but I thought this video was informative even for those of us using Blender just to see how they tackled tasks like rendering the windows on seven miles of a CG version of New York City. I know they have huge resources but still, it’s pretty impressive and hopefully inspiring to other animators about just how much can be done with CG tools.

Thanks for the video. is an interview where they also talk digital New York as well as Hulk, etc.

That’s great to know. The techniques aren’t actually that difficult, but the volume of data is just astounding. Interestingly I’ve been looking into creating buildings with simple room geometry exactly how they mentioned with the intent of rapidly populating background assets for road visualisations. Not quite as impressive as what they’ve got but I might progress the idea if I have time. Then maybe incorporate it into Blended Cities too :slight_smile: