Industrial Lisbon views

Personal project.
I wanted to try brick texture :).



A few tweaks could be done here and there, but I love it, the style and the fact that you added a bit of chromatic adds a lot on your scene. Well done bro :slight_smile:


Looking great. Only the chromatic abberation is too strong in my opinion.

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It is strong, but it’s not extreme, it’s on an acceptable level applied. He could pick between Not adding it, adding in by a pixel movement or make it even more visible, it just give another vibe. It could be his style.

Of course, it is all about the personal preference, but in this case CA destroys the overall look. It has to be subtle.
And every client would say, please correct the image, it has a mistake with colors : )
That is how client usually react on this issues.



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


The only thing I’d add here is a different-colored source of fill-light illumination behind the camera. Add a little light under the stairs and among the rafters at the top of the window. The practical-lamps are balancing the table top but I’d like to see some off-screen fill particularly under those stairs. (And maybe the other “practical,” the table lamp, should be turned-on too.) My photographer’s eye reacts negatively to “opaque shadows.”

Thank you very much for your comment @sundialsvc4! I’ll keep it in mind in future projects. Thanks

You’re #featured! :+1:

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you’re like the white wizard on the blender community!! always with the presents. hah!


hahah the bricks look nice, mission succeeded :wink:

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