Industrial Muscle

Been sitting on this for a while. Now that the catalogue is coming out I can finally show it. I used Blender for the illustration. Distributed nationally here in Canada. About 35 000 units will be printed (half in english, half in french). We are shamelessly exploiting the fact that the Grand Prix is here this weekend.
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I had to let it go warts and all, deadlines you know…

Wow, that’s very nice! Cool blender is being used for this.

A couple of minor crits:
Tyres look a little too plasticy
Windscreen is a little too reflective, but I’m guessing you didn’t wish to model the inside of the car :stuck_out_tongue:
There seems to be a bit of aliasing.

But otherwise this is great.

You’re from montréal?? well I am

nice image overall! some part could have been better, but deadlines are always there to stop us! hehe

nice work nonetheless!

Great work!

And me too i’m from Montreal :wink:

Had a bit of an argument with the main car guy here at the office. He thought a racer ought to have a “Armor All” shiny wet look. I wanted the car to look like it had been around the track a few times. We compromised, we got semi-plastic. The full reslution CMYK plate doesn’t look that bad though (rougher texture on the thread part).

You guessed right! No time for interior. A race car with mirror/tinted windows is probably totally unsafe but looks cool anyway.

Due to PDF -> JPG conversion no doubt. Maybe I’ll show a properly downsampled and color corrected version of the CMYK plate (Blender illustration only) later when I have time. Thanks for looking!

Yep! Saint-Laurent burrough. I knew you were from here. You and Martin Peartree are our big Montreal Blender Stars. Hope to meet you guys at the Montreal Blender conference this year, if there is one. It’s really exciting to see young guys with such enthusiasm and drive involved with a project like Blender.

Thanks a lot man! The single biggest regret is the concrete wall. It looks out of scale and the texture blows bears…deadlines are a bitch…Thanks again Jean-Sébastien.

Linart: Cool nickname, and thanks for your kind comment.

This came out really nice.

Lighting looks to be very flat all over. A better light set up would make this pop more, but as you said, deadlines can kill you.


Be sure there will be one! And this year around I’m gonna try to get a better computer class (even if the one we had was quite good already), maybe 1 or 2 locals so we can split the group in 2 so we can give more than a single presentation at the time. Maybe one for more advance user, another for the new user that want to learn the basism of blender. So yea, I can’t go to amsterdam so I’ll organise it again this year! I’ll probably start a thread toward the end of the summer to see who is interested and also to contact everyone who came last year!. :smiley:

nice work Bussman,

some materials and some more details could have been better,but the pic is nice.

btw,isnt the back of the car a little short?

The light setup is not a result of lack of time. It is that way by design. In a job like this there are many people involved, Each person has her own agenda. Sales reps, marketing consultants, supplier reps, etc… One of the big concern was to feature the company’s supplier’s logos. Legibility, visibility and placement were of very high importance to them, specially since there might be co-op advertising fees involved. I tried to achieve the “popping” with a judicious color choice. Even in that area my hands were tied. Most corporate logos seem to be either red or blue, so I had to go with a basic triadic color scheme (and the primaries at that!) The background was kept very neutral to keep the car up front and to increase readability of type. Unfortunately the idea of a more dramatic lighting was rejected before it was even tried.

You’re the man! I’ll make sure I attend this year.

Thanks Leon. Speaking of material I must “give mad props” to Sonix for his car material library, it was a great inspiration and helped a lot with finishing this image in time.

The shape of the car is greatly distorted by a wide lens setting. We looked at several brochures from car dealerships as well as car ads in magazines and tried to emulate the look. Again the posing and composition was designed to emphasize the logos.

Cool one. I think the car is missing a bit of spec. For the rest, we deadline is a good argument.
Hope to see you at the conf too.

Just rendered a specular highlight pass and composited it in:
Is this what you had in mind?

I have no idea what that means.

Yeah, that’ll be cool.

Realy sorry, for that. I should reread myself more often.
I meant:
For the previously mentionned problems, the deadline is a good argument.