Industrial Robots

Hi All,

I made this for Robot Contest on Blendercookie.
I have done few small changes to my contest’s input, so here is the final render.
I appreciate all kind of critique.

Awesome, everything looks very realistic. The only thing that made my doubt was the front of the BMW. Good work!

Looks really good! Only thing is that the car models seem a bit…wrong. For example the place where window pillar attach to the car’s body looks strange and warped.

This is a very good render.

I would work on a few things. The afforementioned car is a bit strange. The hood should not become the fenders. They are, in fact, three pieces.

I would also check the sparks. Yours look more like lines instead of dots. Here is a google search:…0…1ac.1.30.img…2.3.437.CvObclubrP0#hl=en&q=industrial+welding+robots&tbm=isch

Hi guys, thanks for your comments.

You are right about the car, I found out that there is a robot contest just few days before deadline. So I created robots and environments, but had not enough time for the car…0…1c.1.30.img…6.19.1436.xaiwbWBXm6U#facrc=&

as you can see, car “skelet” is really difficult to model.

So for the car, I reused my old model (from my Blender beginnings), what was not a very good idea:

  1. it is not allowed by the contest :o , shame on me
  2. doesn’t looks very good