Industrial scene.

Habitat for a scene I’m making. I’m quite pleased with the industrial parts, though at some places I think it looks too empty/boring.

This is also my first serious try at textering something completely. I’m particularly satisfied with the rust-effect and the green rusty door.

Hope you like and comments / critique (especially the latter) are appreciated greatly :slight_smile:


edit; Lighting test. Also tried my hand at compositing nodes. The white planes are placeholders for floors that I will model later.

Looks like a good job at texturing! I am the biggest noob at texturing so no crits there! Looking good so far!

It looks goods so far. Its looks as if its a scene for a game. However it seems to repetitive in the second image. How did u do the red lights? There may be a better way to do it.

Nice Greebles! (Greebles = Random Mechanical Things) :yes:

But, as said above, it’s too repetitive.


Looks like the background for some side-scrolling game.

Thanks for the kind words. Small update, finished texturing of what I had (still have to tweak some textures probably), also started work on the walkway. The upper part is too empty now so I’ll have to fill that up later with cables and what not.

Also, I’m still open for some constructive criticism. Especially about textures

Also, feel free to grammar- and spell-nazi my post. I’m relatively sure there are quite a few erros in there.

wow! how do you get the glowy light?

Too dark! Turn on ambient occlusion or add more lights.

@Sandrew: Nice work man, nice atmosphere created by piece. crit would be that it’s all to ‘clean’ I realise you made the textures to show rust but things don’t rust evenly or get dirty evenly. A good way to texture this is to start with the good procedurals you have created and bake them to uv maps. Then you can add the very non-random dirt and corrosion that nature applies. By that I mean things get more dirty in corners and rust where more mosture is like at pipe joints etc…

I don’t know how realistic you wanted it to look but anyway there’s my 50cents :eyebrowlift:

keep up the good work! can’t wait to see it finished.