Industrial style Loft

Hi, this is my entry for the BG comp.
1000 samples, 10 hour render… PasscombineDeNoiser at the end

I’m a cycles noob so my aim was really to learn the basics and the more complex node stuff. I learned a lot of things… some of which were frustrating. For example I didn’t know that glass bsdf cant have alpha- learned that at the tail end of a 10 hour render.

ps: somebody needs to explain to me what happens when I hit f12… so the image is saved in the buffer? no actual files are saved? how do I automatically save render passes- do I have to do it manually? I’m only asking cause I hit f12, 10 hours later it’s done. I bring it to the compositor. Accidentally clicked something in the image viewer… and everything was gone… so that’s a life lesson for you.

the image above was all based/copied from this. I do not know the person who took the shot so I can’t attribute it. I just took a random photo from the internet for reference.

Wow, really nice and also close to the original. Looks great.

My one comment would be about the white chair on the left. It draws the eye because of its bright colour and it looks a bit out of place with the rest of the scene. Maybe something a bit darker or more textured would help as it looks a bit washed out.

On your question about image saving, I believe one of the output nodes in the compositor is a file output. So you can connect it in the same way as the viewer or composite node, add a file location and I believe it saves the image there as the final stage of compositing. It adds a file name like image001 or something. It helps with those nervous moments after a 10 hour render (or 20 in my case with my tired old computer!) hoping nothing crashes before you can get the thing saved!

Thanks IanA. I agree with the chair. The problem really was my monitor. I changed some setting and the brightness and colors have been off. It looked darker when I previewed it.

that’s a nice render. a tad more gloss on the floor planks would look good. as far as automatically writing out a file when rendering, try doing an animation of one frame, and then click “Animation” rather than “Render”. quick and dirty, but it works. i do it with .png files all the time, and it would probably also work with .exr files if you want to save multiple passes automatically for re-compositing later. the output node mentioned above also works, you just have to remember to do it BEFORE starting a render, which I almost always forget.

Thanks for the tip Wolfred. I think I went a little too far with the with the clamp and the passcombineDeNoiser node and it killed some of the highlights and tiny details… I tried going for a less glossy wood type floor but it doesnt really make any sense for interior flooring does it? I’m going to do another pass on this when I get my monitor working right.

a good habit for combating noise is to render out all your layers separately, and save the whole lot in an .exr file, especially if your renders are running 10 hours. that way, you can denoise only those layers that need it, after the render is done, and then re-composite everything and do your color balancing and so on later. it’s almost always the diffuse indirect and glossy indirect passes where all the noise is found, in my experience.

and yes - interior flooring needs a little gloss at least. even if they used reclaimed wood flooring with lots of wear and character, they still would put an oil or wax finish on it at minimum. even outdoor decking has a little gloss where foot traffic has worn the planks smooth. anyway - you’ve done a great job on this scene - good luck with the touch-ups!