Industrial Visualization example... [Updated!]

Here’s the link to the animation:

(note: sorry for the low rez/low bitrate… server requirements :frowning: … the full quality version (like the images below) is soooo nice! Blender can do such a quality job!)

[Edit2]Here’s a link to a full-quality (divx) version: here (in case anyone “from the future” happens upon this thread… :wink: ) [/Edit2]

and a couple of screenshots:

(or gallery links if the images don’t work…)

(Thanks to AllTaken for the great server resource to Blender users!!!)

This is my first attempt at a “big” animation in Blender. The subject is a piece of equipment designed for my employer five years ago in AutoCAD 2000. I created this animation mostly to demonstrate the commercial visualization capabilities of Blender. I used this machine model only because I thought it provided a visually interesting example, it was readily available, and it was relatively easy to put in motion. I exported the model from AutoCAD to .3ds format and then into Blender with Bob Holcomb’s excellent v0.5 importer.

Because it uses area lights and AO, it took close to 3 weeks to render (dividing it up and running segments overnight and over the weekends on my employer’s workstation.) Thus, even though its a first version and still needs many details and refinements, it may be a while before I’m inspired to improve it and re-render it. I thot I’d put it out there for you all to see and make C&C on. I’ll compile a list of ideas and maybe someday revisit the project.

My own ideas include adding a door frame, certain material tweaks and a change in the camera’s motion (I would like it to pause when it first approaches the machine and looks inside - that seems to be the most interesting viewpoint.) Other room details would be good to add as well - to make it look more like a processing facility. I will probably also look at motion blur to make it appear smoother. DOF would be great, as well - I’m just not sure how to best implement it in such a project.

Sorry for the low quality web-version video. It really does look much better at its native NTSC DVD rez. Thanks, thanks, thanks to Ton and the wonderful programmers who’re making Blender possible & available. Its Awesome!

This looks really great!

I think it would be good to show how the machine actually works - to let something go through it. You could make the outer parts transparent while showing the inner parts working or stuff like that (boosting up the render times to infinity of course :wink: ).

wow… really good!!

Nice shots :smiley:

Can´t see the animation, ‘cause I’m at work!
But nice work overall, I like the attention to detail


very nice.

  • Satish.


could you please remove it and reupload the movie file at a reasonable Bitrate.

currently it is set at 696Kbps. and the file is 4.1 Mb

it has in one day or two days (however long its been up for) used 6.35 % of bandwidth (in relation to all other pictures in the public gallery)

i don’t really mind movies being uploaded but 1.5 Mb or even 1 Mb would be sufficient for this.

otherwise my bandwidth will be run out. i just upgraded from 4 Gb per month to 8 Gb per month costing me $300, and i can’t afford to have the sites go offline towards the end of month because bandwidth has run out. (as happened two months ago)


Yes I like it … nice and clean … is the machine cutting paper ? or what ?


to coment on the work though, yeah its really nice, i don’t exactly know what it is cutting LOL but the animation certainly highlights the fact that it is.

machine looks very convincing and believable.

and not trying to sound grumpy about bandwidth LOL, or trying to turn you away from using the gallery, just doing what i gotta do.


$300! Why?? Your paying way to much. I have seen packages with 30 GB per Month for under $10. But then again, do you mean $300 a year or month? Lol, either way your paying to much IMO. I have also seen hosts with unlimited bandwidth for cheaper.

BTW the animation is great :wink: A little sketchy, but looks nice.

could you please remove it and reupload the movie file at a reasonable Bitrate.

AllTaken, sorry for the bandwidth usage :expressionless: I was wanting the best quality I could get… I’ll get it off right away and post a new version on Monday. The screenshots will have to suffice for now… sorry again!

Yes I like it … nice and clean … is the machine cutting paper ? or what ?

md01, it slices chicken breast. I thot the Tyson logo and copyright would give it away! :wink:

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I’ll try to have the video up again asap…

domain name = $40 a year

host package equals about $257 a year. the price is in NZ dollars so is about $150 USD a year.

the main thing is the host is in New Zealand.

some day i might move to a cheaper offshore host, but i don’t like the idea of it, i lose a lot of legal righs by doing so.

mzunga, thanks, and no problem.



The animation is back up… albeit at in a low quality version… oh, well, %| such is the nature of the web these days. If anyone really wants to see the full (or at least a better) version, I’d be happy to oblige them!

<mount soapbox> I guess one of my reasons for posting this (and I may have already said this…) is that there is such potential for realistic visualization, especially with the common use of 3D CAD these days. Its really no big thing to import the geometry into Blender and set up an animation that allows things that can’t be done IRL. (Such as running a camera through a meat slicing machine, as is done here.) With Blender being freely available, its just another barrier taken down to making this a more common practice among industrial designers. And, with Blender’s ever-increasing improvements in visual output, it becomes even more appealing to such industries. What a sales tool, to have a video of your product before it even exists! </dismount soapbox>

Okay, enough with the ranting…


Great animation (scary: you wonder whatever will happen when you go through the blade).
Great gallery too (you have a lot of very nice pictures up there).


Great models and shaders. I like industrial climate. Perfect job!