Industrial visualization - packing line

I didn’t see many industrial visualizations here, so I thought maybe I can make one.
Did I succeed to make it look a real production hall? Please indicate all weak areas.
I made all models, hdri comes from


Very good… looks like a packing area, convince, not my area to know. Good render, materials, lighting,et all.:smiley::+1:
thanks for showing.

Okay. I really need to get nitpicky to provide feedback, because this is just great work!

  1. I’m slightly confused by the engineering, I’m not sure, if it works that way, but I also really can’t tell and it might be correct.
  2. Your DoF kind of looks overdone to me. Like a 0.3 f-stop lens. (That’s not really possible in real life)
  3. I’m missing some background noise … Usually these kind of photos have a lot of detail in the background, because of everything being crammed in these facilities.
  4. You might also want to add some fine detail like fingerprints, oil smears, warning labels etc… or more pronounced lighting, if it’s supposed to look like a clean commercial. (Subtle 30% brightness hdr+some stronger “style lights” usually work great for me)
  1. Have you ever taken a picture with full frame camera? It looks real and it doesn’t have very shallow DOF.
    Look at this picture: It was taken with 50mm lens at 1.4.

    Second lens on this picture is much closer than second box on render above and it is much more blurred.

Thanks for feedback guys!
3. That’s true. Comparing to the reference photo, there are indeed a few parts missing (in both background and foreground).
4. I will most probably play with it some day. I simply didn’t want so spend more time on this one at the moment - need to have a break and jump into a new project.
Great to hear that overall feeling is positive :slight_smile:

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And don’t worry … proper industrial lighting stuff is almost a science of it’s own and I can’t claim to have much expoerience with it … currently mainly focused on story-driven character light and not so much on industrial stuff … altough it might be fitting for my next project…

oof you’re right. I really need to seep up my camera game. I mean my point of critisism kind of remains, because I find it a bit overdone … but you’re right, you can do a lot more DoF with real lenses.

Sorry. ^^;

Let’s just say that I have some eye for pictures - I make up for living with taking pictures for more than 10 years now. :wink: Well it depends, sometimes when I shot comercial ones, I use even more shallow DOF, depends what client what me to show. :slight_smile:

It worked the other way around in my case. I wanted to hide some missing features :wink:

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