Industrial Zone - BIG/MEDIUM/SMALL 3D Asset Pack

The INDUSTRIAL ZONE 3D Asset Pack is finally released!

Incredibly excited to share my collaboration with Big/Medium/Small. Very humbled to have been asked by Jama Jurabaev to make this and it has been an amazing journey throughout the entire process.

Every single asset has hand-painted textures to give them a natural look. Like with other packs, we wanted to make sure these assets look great both from a distance and up close. This pack has everything you need to build anything from gigantic industrial complexes to human-scale interiors with cables and characters. Enjoy it.

For the release of the Industrial Zone pack, we are having a 30% off sale for a limited time.

Lastly a huge shoutout the entire BIG/MEDIUM/SMALL team who helped create this pack, and made it possible. Amazing group of artists that I feel honored to have worked with!

Jama Jurabaev
Daniel Mille
Andrei Pogarskii
Andrey Kozyrenko
Zhoslen Makoev
Nikita Skotin
Oleg Zherebin
Andrey Berezin


This is amazing, incredible work. I might purchase this

Thanks Nacho!

Damn, those are some sweet models. Nice job.

Thanks! Appreciate it, we hope everyone enjoys using them.

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