Industry keymap vs sculpt mode navigation

Hey there!

I have a major navigation keymap problem in sculpting mode with industry keymap.
Is there a way to shortcut the zoom & move of the camera?
I can’t shortcut it from 3dview, and because there in no hotkey on it i can’t find it in the keymap list either.
Plus not even Pie Menu Editor can get the function to assign any key to it

The operator + hotkeys’ for 3D Viewport Editor zoom controls can be found under view3d.zoom.

All move camera controls; this is called panning by the way, can be found under these operators / hotkeys (Blender Keymap).

Thank You for the fast reply!

I see, but the problem is i’m using tablet and pen in sculpt mode.
So it is cool to see the keymaps of the navigation (i see my question was focusing only the camera navigation), but i need a different camera navigation hotkey set only in sculpt mode.

So here is my question updated :slight_smile:
Is there any way to make a set of hotkeys of cam navigation only and just to the sculpt mode?

Yes, you can customize camera navigation controls to only work in Sculpt mode, even without coding! For example, if you wanted to change camera panning to a trackpad control, you’d do these steps.

Find the control operator:

  • Whether by operator name.

  • Or by control names’.

  • Once you’ve found the navigation operator that want, for instance view3d.rotate, you need to keybind it. So under User Preferences → Keymap → Industry Compatible, go to the category 3D View → Sculpt → Sculpt (Global).

  • Scroll to the bottom of the last mentioned sub-category: Sculpt (Global). You should see a button called Add New - click it to create a new hotkey bind.

  • [Highlighted in red below] Enter the camera navigation control operator that you want keybinded to your new hotkey. [Highlighted in yellow below] Fill in the other keybind settings such as which control (e.g. trackpad, stylus, etc), as well as the modifiers (e.g.CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, etc).

I see!
Only one thing then. How can i get the control operator for camera navigation?
Because if i press these, or navigate with camera in other modes, then i don’t get any info on the info panel

I would beg to differ. If you hover any of those buttons (not counting the blue-circle), you should get a UI toolip with a short description.

For instance this:


Would be this:




Would be:

The other two buttons also have hotkeys keybinded to their operators:



Ultimately I would suggest; and I say this with all due respect, to logically think about controls - and to actually experiment with them to figure out which controls and which operator names these buttons could be keybinded to.

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I see!

Yeah, i would never figure out how the move and zoom called in hotkey (pan and dolly).
I know those are the official camera movement definitions, but then blender should use the same terminus on the 3dview when i hover the mouse :slight_smile:

Ok i’ll try to start on this road, Thank You for your help!

Worked perfectly, Thank You again!

Glad I could help. Feel free to ask any further questions that you might have in the future.

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