indy space strategy game with significant progress for android & iphone

I’ve been working on a multiplayer online space strategy game since last year. I’m planning on beta releasing around august 16 then release to production around late december 2014 based on feedback/bugs. I’m an experienced mobile developer and project manager, but this is my indy first game. With that said, I’m not great with blender, but I have been learning. I feel I have enough to knowledge finish the project, but help would be great. I’m sure most of you guys have much better skills than me. I have almost all of the models, but I’m open to replace/upgrade/re-animating as you guys see fit. I’ll pulled most of my models from blend swap & open game art,but I’ve create some like the background scene,asteroid,flag, and walls model. I also purchased the character set so they would match.

10 second view:
in the future the earth to devastated by pollution to say so everyone moved to space. But the earth recovered and now its a battle to see who will control earth. Capture the flag style!

Game play:
Goal collect/steal opponents flag(s). You start off with an empty asteroid to build your troops, build your town and protect your flag. make friend & teams then have fun.

Here are a few screen shots.

What is done:
create player -client and server
load player -client and server
save player -client and server
create team -client and server
join team -client and server
team info (needs update layout)
team chat -client and server
server chat -client and server
game store (still a better layout, but you can purchase and they show up in your game)
player vs player battle local - client
map editor -client and server
collecting gold / oil from your purchases and applying to your online account -client and server

What needs to be complete for this phase:
player vs player battle match online (needs updating)
scoring / ranking
more items in pivotal tracker…

How to I stay organized and track progress:
pivotal tracker service
here is my dirty laundry
I track everything in pivotal… embrace it :slight_smile:

How to contact me:
I’m on IRC #blender pretty much every night
I can google voice chat / skype /etc
post on this forum/ pm

What/Who do I need?

  1. Feedback, what sucks and fresh ideas
  2. perfecting / finding (open source) / creating models
  3. animation? I have animated most of the models, but most are not that great.
  4. The most important, I really dont like the home asteroid. it was my first model and its the worst hack.

What do you get?
Your name/company will be in given credit for the work.

I have a rendering farm with many workstations and servers incase we create an animated promo video (its a low priority right now compared to other items on the list, but if someone wants to do start it)

I made a quick intro video, but my network got disconnected so its a little short. I’ll post the game because and a couple of models tonight.

Here is the column and fence model from the video. .

We will start with 8 levels so improve / replace / repeat as much as desired.

Here is this weeks updates

  1. we now have plenty of blender artist. (thanks to BA)
  2. we are looking for audio experts / sound guys / etc… music and sounds are lacking
  3. we still need some animators.
  4. if you have any ideas after watching the video please shoot them to me in a PM.

Thanks again!

Updated video with new models:

weekly update

wash and repeat

another big week with lots of new stuff weekly update

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