Inefficient seams

I’m trying to cut down a too-high-poly model so that when I try to bake sculpted normals to it, maybe I won’t run out of memory and crash. And beside that, I’d just like to train myself to cut the fat. However, that’s not my current problem (though if you can see somewhere I might be able to cut, cool. The model has to hold up to closeups and appear quite large, so I need detail).

Currently, I’m trying to UV unwrap. It’s mostly working out fine, but the head is giving me trouble, because this is a weirdly shaped creature. Despite being mostly humanoid, the usual places I’d place seams either don’t exist, or aren’t helpful. I think the body and wings are acceptable, but the face is unwrapping in a lopsided way no matter how I do it. I’d like to avoid pinning and stretching vertices as much as possible, and just find places to put seams that will allow it to lie flat pretty well on its own, but I’m obviously picking the wrong edges. Can anyone suggest a different way to cut up this guy?


NewCthulhu3.blend (1.55 MB)

you could try this
In edit mode:
( I used face mode and the B key )
select only the faces for the head
then unwrap
you will then need to grab ( to move the uv for the head only of the grid ) rotate and scale.
next select all faces a and move the head uv to where ever it suits.