inertia lamp

just completed this for 2nd year industrial design. buildling took ~100 hours over 7 days, was a bit of a mad rush!

Wow - that is just awesome! I think the hours you invested in the project are worth every last second! Heres hoping you get the top marks for this.

Incredible. Do you have anymore work? I love this kind of thing, Ive been thinking about getting into it actually…

Great design you should get high marks on this. Stuffing all of this into a week must have been a real challenge. I would love to see more of your work as well.

I’m certainly impressed! Although, I must come across as sounding really dumb, since I don’t quite know what it is. ^_^;

It looks like an invention of some kind. What does it do?

It looks very great but also a bit scary ^^ (I mean, a little like a circular saw ;))
I suppose the rings on strings are there to make it turn, and your diagrams talk about a dynamo, so it generates power when it turns? If so it’s even better :smiley:

Yup. The rings turn a winding, which when turned one way the 3 claws move out and engage the clutch ring, turning the flywheel. when turned back the other way they slip, so you kind of crank the two rings and you slowly build up speed on the flywheel.

The flywheel is connected to a dynamo, yes. it was a challenge figuring out how to get the clutch mechanism to sleeve over the dynamo (even now it does work as nicely as it should have, but nvm)

The dynamo’s contact points go round the back to a diode bridge with a cap to convert from AC to DC, and then connects to the ring of LED’s through some brushes onto 2 copper rings. (you can see this in the last image)

The whole thing weighs about 20kg (~45pounds) so i couldn’t hang it on a wall to present it, i had to quickly build one and bolt it right thru the 4x2.

Got my marks back last week, A! very happy. The things holding me back were that they felt the square element on the front was slightly overpowering, and the duct-taped on LED’s on the flywheel.

Really nice design!
How long does it last?
As in how many seconds/minutes of light do you get from a single pull?

quite hard to say, as the bearing needs repairing at the moment and never was in the best possible state. it takes about 2-3 good hard cranks to get it going fast enough that the LED’s start glowing, and that lasts for around 5 seconds? not that long, but once I get around to sorting the main bearing out it should be a lot longer.