ines - portrait of an old lady

this portrait began in blender, made the basemesh, then sculpted in zbrush. accessories done in blender, rendered in cycles, postwork in photoshop. i love how well blender and zbrush work together - only missing is, that i cannot export subdivision levels to blender, but maybe that will come some day :slight_smile: … but here she is, i hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Beautiful, almost looks like a wood carving.

AMAZING, the detail and your ability to capture her emotion is incredible. Well done, i love it

Whoops! when I first saw the thumbnail,i thought this was Abraham Lincoln. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice job on this.


I know you can’t move levels between the apps, but couldn’t you just bake out displacement?

thank you everybody :slight_smile:
optikz - yes now that you mention i notice that too…must come from the fact that i really carve portraits in wood, so my mind guided me, without me noticing :slight_smile:
thalia, thank you, yes lots off details, and i am glad all the detail did for you what was intended, portraying character and mood :slight_smile:
ctdabomb— lol— must be pose and slim face shiloutte :wink:
kettlefish, yes, today i tried a (new?) idea, namely importing lowest subdivision mesh and highest subdivision mesh, and using shrink wrap to project onto the mutires i created from the lowres… “theoretically” that should work, however, shrinkwrap creates lots of artifacts in difficult geometry. it works fine on regions with not too steep normals… so, now no displacement on this one, its the highres mesh from zbrush, making blender “scream” while rendering… so far, i never was happy with displacement maps, but that might be well my fault, that i do something essential wrong…

Lovely portrait, lots of personality. I would like to know the material setup.

A very good one, doris.
Funny how the lenses fit together with the whole “wood like” carving.
I love it.

only missing is, that i cannot export subdivision levels to blender, but maybe that will come some day

Why don’t you try to export some normal maps? Just use the subdivision level you gonna export for baking (from this subd level)
Just try to have a little hidden seams when UV unwrapping. (you gonna unwrap it in blender, not in zbrush)
(just export the base mesh into blender, do unwrapping and import into zb again. Under the "UV master, just use “copy UVs” and select the multires mesh and “paste UVs”) In case you haven’t done it before.

ristesekuloski - thanks,the material is actually very simple, i attach a screenshot for you.

michalis, yes, as i do real portraits in wood, a look like this comes natural to me :slight_smile: … glad you like it…yes i tried with normal maps, but maybe i am doing something wrong, i never get a result that looks as good as the model itself with it. maybe my mistake was that i unwrapped in zbrush. why is it different to unwrap in blender ? (i mean besides the fact that you need flip the y-coordinate…) i will try again like you said with unwrap in blender…

Holy crap! That’s detailed! I had that lady as a teacher, once!

wow, fred, yes may be very posssible :slight_smile: