Hi everybody. Let me introduce my seventeen years old daughter.


Overall, nice work, especially texturing. There is certainly something off about it, however. The eyes are not right and no ones face is truly mirrored.

Thanks for your criticism.
Nevertheless the face is not mirrored at all. You can check this very easily.

Looks intresting but she is looking like a boy, not a girl I think this is due to the strenght of the traces and the shading of the materials of the skin just smooth a little bit and it ll look perfect.

Well… In fact she has a very strong character!
I ll try to smoth a bit.

the hair is too opaque, and you should actually model the eyes, a plain textured sphere-eyeball looks all wrong in an otherwise realistic face.

Thanks for your help.
This is my first work in blender, so there are lots of things to learn. In modelling the eyes I followed the I dont know how to improve it.

hmm, yeah, somehow it looks too flat, I didn’t realize you had modeled it out that way. I think maybe the color of the iris is too intense/saturated.

She looks like a transvestite… no offense intended to her…

Ive made some changes in Ines, taking into account the suggestions of all of you. I think she looks better now. Thanks


Hi Pepe,

I think the modeling and shading is generally well done. One thing that detracts from the image is the background. That day-glow blue is inconsistent with the lighting on her face making the face seem out of place. To look more natural you would need a much darker and probably warmer color in the background.

Thank you very much.
Im a rookie in blender and with your advice I can learn more quickly.
Here is Ines revisited once again. Now there is a strong contrast between the face and the background and the picture has improved a lot, I think.

Would it be possible for you to post some image that you used for reference. As others have stated there’s something off and it would probably be easier to spot when comparing to the reference.

Here you are.


Okey, it does resemble her but it looks to me you’ve made her face longer/taller and less round.
Her ears seem to be bigger on the model too.

Those are maybe partly the reasons why she looks more manly in the 3d model.

I’d say broaden the jaw and slightly raise one eyebrow. But overall, it’s a really amazing job.

I ll work a little more on it taking into account your remarks, (just when I had a little more of spare time! :o)

She really looks like my daugther!

Wow, you did a REALLY good job making it look like the photo!

Her head is definitely too long, lower the upper skull a bit.

Also the biggest fault that I can spot is the throat, currently it looks like she’s got a super-thin and long Adam’s apple but if you look at the reference photo it is way more rounded and defined.

I’d also say that the shoulders are a little bit low.

Good job though, characters are really hard to get right :slight_smile: