Inescapable Horizontal Line Distortion With Rendered Anim!

Hi guys,

I’ve really hit a dead end on this one. Here’s the problem. I have a fully modelled and rigged character animated in Blender 2.37a. He does a lot of fast paced running. I hit “Anim” or even a still “Render” and in the render window i see one quick pass of the rendered image in a very narrow aspect ratio which looks perfect. In this pass, the pixels are lined up, no visual distortion, and most of all, no out of place “shredded paper” look. The next pass completes with the shredded look; a lot of thin horizonatal lines trailing and leading the trail of action. And when i play, man it looks awful!

There’s no Raytrace, no motion blur, and anitalias is set to 8.

This one’s eaten away at me for weeks. Any thoughts and questions appreciated.

Can you send me the file? I can’t look tonight but I’ll definately look before lunch tomorrow US East Coast. ([email protected]) or somewhere where we can download it.


you pressed the fields button

Fligh %,
sorry man. No can do. I’m under contract and can’t release any materials. Damn that Confidentiality Clause!

z3r0 d,
Thanks, I’ll give it a shot and post what happens.

z3r0 d

that was exactly the problem. Apparently, my version of Blender 2.37a always opens with the “Fields” button pressed down.

You should be able to change the default by opening Blender, deselecting “Field” and re-saving the default setup (theme) by pressing Ctrl-U.