Infantry fighting vehicle

Here’s a Infantry fighting vehicle I’ve made this week, it’s all made with Blender. The Background looks deep, but it’s just a plane with a huge material node setup, a partial displacement map and sculpted skid marks.

the Lowpoly version has just 2350 tris with a 1024 px texture, normal- and specular map.


She’s a beauty. Nice work!

nice work ! reminds me of the warhammer models my kids used to have


Thanks @ all :slight_smile:

Looks nice : )

Hi SaKo - sorry I’ve only just seen this. That’s a very accomplished model and beautifully presented. You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how best to show it off.

It’s a great portfolio piece.

Reminds me of “world of tanks” game that’s been in the adverbs on our TVs. Really nice textures and I love the background, I really can’t believe it is only a plane. Those tires look a little bit weird. I would love to see it in a videogame…

Thank you, but I’ve totally forgot to post the photoshopped one ^^ and I’ve got also 2 additional new images to this series

Exelent job brother!:yes: