Infected - album cover art

Hello everybody I’m new here.
I am working on album cover art for a metal band. It is a serious project and the work has been going on for a couple of weeks now. There are many things happening and I will post more details soon. I hope you’ll give me some feedback on my way to the finish :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to answer all questions. More pictures of the model in a couple of hours!

I am sorry for the low reso. I am kinda stuck at rendering at 800x800 because Blender keeps crashimg on any higher resolution. Any trick to go around it? I really want to make it at 4000x4000!

Cheers and all the Best!


Metal band? Yeah, baby! :RocknRoll: :ba:
As for the image: looks quite good already.
How many vertices/faces? I believe, it’s quite high-poly, maybe Blender crashes due to this.

I wonder if it would crash if you used a render border and just render a section at a time. Like top-left, the top-right etc?

What kind of computer you are using to render this? Maybe you can send it to a render farm, like render street?

Hi, thank you. It’s 300000 faces before modifiers, 1.6 mil during render. I also use around 35MB of textures, the biggest ones are 8192x4096 (for the planet).

Yes, it does. It finishes rendering and starts compositing and then the program closes.

It’s MSI GE70 0NC:
i7-3630QM @ 3.00GHz
8 GB RAM, I think it’s 800MHz
GeForce 660M 1,5GB

I thought about the farm but I really need to do at least some trial full resolution renders to check whether everything is OK before the final render.

Pressing F12 really kills the process. What I am doing now actually is just rendering almost 10 different layers for the body, head, the tentacles, the planet, the atmosphere, the flanella inside the planet… and compositing everything. I’ll show you guys the compositor, it’s crazy.

I think you need a lot more ram. It might be the bottle neck for this.

Agree with that. I belive images occupy a lot of space in RAM. And considering 10 render layers, and multipled by passes (I guess, you are using passes), and in 4k x 4k resolution… that should be a lot.

Is it possible to try a version where you output just the raw render, save that and then composite as a separate file? I’m wondering if rendering then compositing in one session is pushing it too far?

Such a generic band name… I couldn’t find anything about them. Looks good, was trying to see if the concept fit the style of music.

Yes, it is also the images. Some of them exceeded 10000x5000 for the planet which is ridiculous. I’ve resized those textures to 4096x2048, the difference is visible at 400% zoom in Photoshop so I’m not bothering with bigger textures anymore. The planet surface with clouds and spec map was taking 1000MB RAM before, now it’s only about 240MB. I can render 4000x4000 now.

Also yes, I’m using passes. But one question - does it really matter if I render GlossInd for most of the layers just because I like to take a look at it after rendering? If so it might save me even more memory (can’t check it for another couple of hours unfortunately).

It is always a solution, however there is no point in buying RAM instead of optimizing the project first as much as possible. Because I need to exactly know how much to buy to avoid the “oh crap, still not enough” situation.

Yes, I did that yesterday. And you’re right. The rendering part takes up around 1-2GB per layer. The compositing part takes up all the rest +couple GB of the swap file. It’s insane, since compositing really doesn’t seem that complicated compared to photon bouncing around a model with 1,6kk polygons :smiley: But I didn’t really have time to read into that so I don’t want to criticize that feature.

More pictures today in 10 hours, I promise.

Buy as much ram as you can to your computer motherboard. There is never too much ram. My computer has 24gb of ram and sometimes I wish I had more. (My emo don’t support more than that.) My friend has 64gb of ram. He can start windows in a second since it is now loaded from ram instead of HDD.

I get your point but that is a laptop :wink: So now I’m optimizing the model.

By the way, this is how the memory usage looks like - the peak is the compositor.

This is the newest render. I gave up on the virus veins and changed the lighting a bit.

You can add textures and other stuff to it with Photoshop, or gimp. :slight_smile:
Thinks you should do: Paint some edges you want to highlight with light brush, add grunge texture. Edit levels / curves.

Here is something very raw and fast made example to which direction I would go with it, if I were the designer. Of course you might have different Idea for the final result. :slight_smile:

Hey, can you upload the file again? There seems to be nothing there in your post. Thanks in advance.