Infinate loop?

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OK, I have an object that needs to rotate once every 20-30 seconds, and basically NEVER stop at that rate, meaning an infinate loop. Now, I could just keyframe it for frames 1-1000000000 or somesuch, but that would take AGES, so is there any way I can rotate it ONCE, and have it re-peat those steps? THANKS!

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You need the animation for the game engine?
For a movie, normally you “cut” the scenes, so you don’t need a much longer
For the game engine you can add a timer sensor that fires the animation after an amount of time.
Anyway to make “infinite loops” cyclic animations press the little yellow arrow
icon that points up

(ilac) #3

Go to the IPO window after you have set the keyframes for 1 rotation. At the bottom on the right there should be 4 buttons which allow you to control how the ipo’s continues - including repeating your set keyframes linearly and exponentially! :slight_smile:

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That is exactly what I needed ilac!

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You’re welcome :smiley: