Infinite Arena

Infinite Arena (Formerly Battle net) is pretty much just fighters in an arena using anything they want, guns, swords, rocket launchers, etc. It will be a series of short movies, and possibly later, a game. I’ve been working on it for the last 2 weeks creating the weapons, and only a few days ago started making the arena. I would love some critique on this, maybe some suggestions or advice.

Anyway, here is the latest screen of the scene (Only a hallway right now). I cant decide which lighting is better for this.

Isn’t the name battle net owned by like Blizzard or the Guild Wars people? I like the arena though cool texture on that door.

It is? Sorry, I didn’t know that. If I can think of a better name, I will change it. But its suppose sort of like a TV show… but ok. If I have to change the name I will. Any suggestions or advice on the hallway though. Which gives a better sense of suspense or drama. I was hoping to show off the hallway.

Maybe add colored colored lamps like light blue and add a kind of circuit board texture to the floor(not green though) and you might want to check into the name because I am not 100% sure it is taken, just google battle net.

Sadly, Battle net is taken. And I thought it sounded cool… Anyway, I was worried that your idea of colored lamps wouldnt work out too well, apparently it was amazing, the blue color lamp Really added to it, same thing with the floor. I adjusted the position of the lamp to, so its behind the hallway. so it gives off the sense of suspense and drama Im looking for, while showing off the hallway.
Heres the updated render
I think thats the best so Im gonna finish up the dome

Blizzard’s online gaming platform is called Battle.Net. I don’t know if they also own the rights to the name Battle Net…

Awesome environment. Would love to see how you did the pattern on the walls and floor.

That looks pretty cool, I will try to think of a name for it to help you out a bit. If I think of something I will post it here. Oh also try putting a VERY dim area lamp behind the camera and make it face the door to show the walls and floor a little better.

Pretty sweet, but you should try adding a more high res texture to the the walls.

Sorry Eels, when I tried a higher-res image for the walls it turned out either awful or the exact same.
Anyway, I tried your idea avenger for the very dimmed area lamp. That made it so you can see the floor better.

I kinda had trouble with the materials for the dome and still have some issues with it. I think the floor turned out good though.
(Edit) A new version of the dome. I fixed up the textures to make it look better an changed the model somewhat. Its getting there, but something is still wrong about it.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I got caught with schoolwork and such. I’m trying to start on the character now that the arena is finished. I can’t draw well, and I don’t know what search for to find those… character outlines? I cant seem recall what its called. Some help would be gladly appreciated.

Do you mean shilouettes?BTW,nice work so far,altough you should work more on the textures.And if you want a good fantasy character drawing book,look at this:

It is really worth the money!!

Not really silhouettes. I was reading a tutorial on how to make character models, since I’ve never done it before. More into machines really.
those pictures on it. the body. I was meaning that. If thats not a great tutorial please tell me. I’m trying to get the combatants to look as realistic as possible while still being low poly, computer isnt all that great.

I got a name for it. Infinite Arena. It suits it well, considering the battles will take place everywhere, different planets, space, ANYWHERE, and with anyone, aliens, robots, regular people. The UNIVERSE is the arena.
I’ll probably post some weapons updates tomorrow.

Found some references for the characters and now I’m getting started.
And here is that Weapon update I promised
sorry bout the triple post :confused:

Looking good, I think the word you’re looking for is rim lighting?

Excalaberr, thank you so much, thats what i was thinking of. Im not quite sure where you thought I was referring to rim lights, but this will definitely help, Exactly what I was looking for the beginning
of the animations.