infinite plane

as the subject reads, how do I make a plane, so that i can rotate the view anywhere, and you’ll never see the edges. I realize I could just make it really big, but at a certain size, it starts dissapearing from the view. Why is this? How should I go about making this? Thanks.


you can “see” the clipping limit of your camera in edit… F9 … then just change the end limit to increase it to what you need.

there are two things I have done on the fly to get around it…
i… scale things down to fit within the limit.
ii… take the plane… (subsurfaced to whatever you need based on its scale) then subdivide it both directions once… take the corner verticies at the edges and move them down a bit it will give the entire plane a slight radius making the clip edge imho a bit nicer.

thanks, patrick, I’ll try that.