Infinite Procedural Island

While browsing YouTube to sharpen my tool box I came across this gem from Wayward Art Company. The entire composition consist of two planes and everything else is nodes. The possibility of compositions are endless.
Here is an example of how switching the scale on the texture coordinate will help you create infinite islands and possibilities.

Here is the node tree for the plane

For the compositing side, I have to say I love how the composition came out like a painting instead of hyper realistic.
Here is the compositing I used for the main render.

Here is another angle

Here is an image without compositing

Side Note: So this is a little memory tip. So when I learn something. I like to model along with the video and then see if I can reproduce the results on my own. I completely understood where, how, and why my nodes went, but my mountains would not displace. After going through the tutorial again. I soon realized I forgot a small, but crucial step.
Switch the displacement from Bump Only to Displacement Only

Link to Wayward Art Company

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