Infinite Runner (with demo)


what is infinite runner?
a system that replace planes around the player infinitely.:smiley:

that system store the planes added, so also if you do 500km , when if you return in the same place , you see the same plane.
the system work with 9 planes (around to the player there ever 9 planes, not more not less)

you can change the size of plane ,in accord with GRID_SIZE (actually is 1000) see in the module “”
here you see also the list (at the top of module) of the name of planes to add.(need to exist, at least one, but can be as you want)


infinite_runner2.blend (400 KB)

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Just magic!
Thank you very much for sharing!

Would you mind if I used this for a game?
It’s literally just what I need

which version of blender you are using?I am using blender 2.74.And i am getting this error.

Blender Game Engine Started
Python controller found the module but could not access the function - object 'Player', controller 'Python':
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'update'
Blender Game Engine Finished

This is great. I like the random generation.With the dynamic terrain loading.Here is the blend i made with it.


infinite walk.blend (2.27 MB)

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