Infinite Terrain

Just playing around with displacement textures mapped to global coordinates, with everything else following the camera.

Obviously I need to work on getting more believable terrain (using only procedurals mapped to global!)

In the first example, I tried to fake a horizon by applying two curve modifiers to the arrayed-plane. The problem with that was therefore, as the camera moved toward the horizon, the terrain started morphing as it rose vertically through the texture.

In the third example, the mist was supposed to give an appearance of haze, but it isn’t quite strong enough and you can see the horizon coming through my skysphere.

The second and third example are practically the same - I just took a different, higher, path on the third example that didn’t gitch the rotation of the arrayed-planes.

Ideas for improvement are always welcome.

Hey, that’s really not bad. Could we get a .blend file to check out?

Oh, yeah. I forgot to upload/link that.

Most of the size is just the packed .tga for the skydome. (I got it from the free high-res skymap thread in the Composition/VFX forum here.)

The skybox would really be helped with ‘volumetric’ clouds. That’s something else to work on.

8 kb per second??? I’m not downloading that.

Use savefile.

There’s a version without the .tga packed - it’s smaller at 321K.

I don’t know why you get 8kb/s. The university has a high-speed direct line to our regional cable company / ISP.

I think that’s good, considering that a 5 kb per second connection is fast for me (I max out around 3kbs. Ancient phone lines.)

Thanks for the file, I’m having a good time dissecting it.


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