"infinite" world spheres...or somthing

ello’ everybody

i am playin around in the GE making some stuff, when i ran into a little problem with my little demo thingy.

ok, so as you know, in some games there seem to be infinite “world spheres” im thinking of things like eve online and stuff, well how do they acheive this effect of the world being infinite? i know you have to do somthing to a textured sphere…but what? my first thought was to parent it to the player controlled object, but then the world would rotate with the player-controlled-object too, so how do you make the worl only follow the object on the Y and X axis’

if you get what i mean

anywayz, thanks for any help, cya’ll later

vertex parenting

Simple solution would be to just make the sphere bigger than the level. Another solution might be using a script to connect it to the x and y motion of your character.


that sounds good thx ill try it out