Infinity 3D RTRT engine possible plugin

A new real-time ray tracing 3D engine has been released and its editor is available to try out today here. It is possible that this technology could be made available as a plugin for Blender. It would resemble Blender’s internal a bit in terms of visual look due to ray tracing (but not path tracing) but be real-time. Here’s a few images to demonstrate the output and the editor. Also, a new video is being worked on but I wanted to post this now since the editor is out already.


The images do not sell the product. Sadly. No GI either. Probably better to wait for OTOY Brigade it’ll be free and does real-time path tracing.

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Agreed, any engine nowadays can do a car, but now that car also needs to be surrounded by GI and it needs to cast baby smooth soft shadows (if it’s GPU or RTX powered, it needs to be at interactive or realtime rates too).

I don’t see a compelling reason why people would buy it at the moment.

The focus with this technology is real-time graphics as in games. So games that are available today or Eevee make a better comparison than path tracers that are not used for real-time graphics.

Brigade is design for games, it just happen to use path tracing it’ll run in Both Unity/UE4. Even if you look at UE5, they are running real-time GI. It’s a cut throat industry the bar is set really high right now. There’s no GI in this product and nothing about it really stands out,presentation is pretty poor - so how can people get interested in it?

I’m going to ask a hard/tough question. Why should people even consider this product when UE4 is essentially free for the first 1 million dollar in revenue for games and free for archviz and non gaming projects(like film)?

Upcoming video will better answer your question about outstanding features. For now, some stand out features are ray traced 3D geometry (no triangulation, no rasterization), ray traced shadows and not requiring a discrete GPU.

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