Infinity chamfer (+video idea inside)

I would love to see infinity chamfer inside Blender, similar to what we have in Fusion. I did something like this using booleans and curve.

Do you think that it would be possible to make a script for that?

yep, it’s possible.

Bevel after boolean working on a similar algorithm

BaB it’s a must-have addon, you did a wonderful job on coding it. But it’s very overkill with those kind of very basic shapes (his supporting geo and transfer normal data are mandatory when you works on complex/organic shapes, at the same time they will utterly pollute and destroy those required sharp angles for your very cubic subjects). Since you have made tons of experience with hacking those curves, would you like to add as a secondary feature (or as a separate addon) the same workflow and result showed in that video? If you add some sliders to rotate the four angles curve, twist/shrink one or both of the final segments before converting it into a substractive boolean, this will unlock a very interesting workflow for “chamfering”. :pray:

Do you mean this?

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Woow, that’s exactly it thank you, but I don’t see “Add boolean” option, which you have in your screenshot:

I’m using

This is a test version. She is not released

Cinema4D has this working really well in its extrude modifier:

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