Inflatable Igloo

This is a mockup of an inflatable igloo I helped my friend make for her design class. I didn’t have much time, so the renders are low res. Let me know what you think.


First a comment about the design in general, the main thing that sticks out, is that the fan is visible It may be that it was an intended design choice, to make it obvious how the structure works. But if not, then it would be much better to move the fan to the back of the igloo.

I have an interest in designing inflatables. I am already knowledgeable in some manual pattern making techniques, from my puppetry experience. I am now researching how Blender can do pattern development. Note that I am a complete Blender novice.

It is not clear if this was intended to be turned into a real-world object. Was a flat pattern for this Igloo prepared in Blender?