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  • My question: how to keep only part of a mesh stiff, while the rest collapses? -

Hello there,

I’ve been trying to do the following tutorial:

Now I have to use the VertexWeightMix modifier. This is supposed to prevent the ‘cable connecting thing’ from collapsing (everything else does collapse). I’ve done exactly what the guy in the video says I should do, but it keeps collapsing! Could someone please help me?

Here is my file: Intro balloon 1.blend

Thank you in advance!



I am a little reluctant to reply because I only have negative results.
I have tried several tests to try and create a ‘stiff’ part of cloth and have not been able to get anything useful.

I broke the problem down into steps and can rule out the mixing of the weights.

The problem appears to me to be the stiffness settings.
With a very simple model - a cylinder with the last 3 rings in a group
Having the group with much higher stiffness and bendiness compared to the base material seems to have no effect!

Best of luck


Something must have changed since version 2.69.

Just drop the Subsurf modifier at the bottom of the stack under Cloth modifier and bake again.

Also that connecting thing need some fixing where it connects with the letter P.

Things work and things are broke.
I was looking into this and have some observations. Picture is worth, bunch of them even more i guess -video is here
File is pretty much following what was in YT tutorial’s first part - Cloth and DPaint weighting/masking. Blend file size is near 8 Mb - i doubt i could use pasteall or attach it here. If there is some interest in it i could try TheorySend or something.

Edit: pasteall did work for this -

@ eppo you have Subsurf at the top of the stack.
Subsurf above Cloth not good.
Disable the top Subsurf and check again.

Maybe it’s broken but that’s how it works now I guess.

Never had been an issue, any doubts that weighting doesn’t work? Have yet to check that… Whatever that is, file was the same both in 2.72 and 2.75.
Quick test
Self collisions off to be faster, lvl 3 on default Grid, lvl2 after.

I was referring to the bit that should not collapse as per OPs request which fails to remain stiff in 2.74 with Subsurf above Cloth, not the whole shape.
Anyway in the OPs file if you place the Subsurf at the bottom of the stack the connecting bit will keep the shape.

I’m sorry I couldn’t answer your messages sooner! Thank you so much for trying to solve my problem! I’ve placed the subsurf at the bottom, like ramboblender said I should do. The text does not collapse completely but it’s much better now that the connecting bit doesn’t collapse with it.

Watching the video you linked in your message, you’re probably right it’s because of the changing of the program itself (Blender).

Thanks again for helping me!


Yes, I agree, the difference is between version 2.69 and 2.74
The same (simple) blend file with a group for cloth stiffness:

In 2.69 - you can easily see the end where the vertex group has been used to increase the stiffness

In 2.74 - flat as a pancake

And also in 2.75 rc 1 - same as 2.74

Best regards