Inflow fluid just not works anyway :(

Hello there!

I’m sorry about posting second time. I solved my previous issue about inner faces how i could done it (thus it’s still a question because I’m sure for made it on the noobest way).

Here I attached my blend file. I’m using 2.64. In the blend of mine I have:

  • a domain (cube)
  • a fluid obstacle (star)
  • a fluid inflow (ico sphere, inside of the star)

The contest is: to flow the fluid inside of the star until it filled by around half of its height.

Followed many suggestions and tutorials without any success. My domain seems to be don’t give a cent for I want it as a domain or don’t know what’s happening (well, not happening) for why.

I’d be more than glad if any of you could help me out on where I done bad and how could be fixed to work as it should be desired!

Thank you much,


logo3d-v2.blend (604 KB)

Nothing too serious:

  • need to invert the normals of your star to the inside, select all in vert mode and Ctrl+Shift+n,
  • you need a bit more initial velocity on your inflow object to fill it with fluid, and
  • perhaps a bit more resolution would also help.

So much thanks for helping me out! Right now I’m on the way, but also got some questions. I like to make the flow more like if it’s mercury but the Domain seams too glitchy for me and I don’t so sure about this depends on what, especially when the flow reaches the Source the liquid is “jiggling” or so. Do you have any suggestions, please?

Hi assarte

You could adjust the viscosity to make the fluid appear more “mercury-like”, and perhaps lower the “partial slip” value on the obstacle (or maybe even change it to free slip), so that it slides around more like mercury.

Perhaps the “jiggly” fluid is due to the inflow object still adding fluid to the simulation. This could be corrected by animating the ‘Enabled’ option for the inflow object.

To get a better overall result, you would need to also increase the resolution, to whatever amount your computer system can handle and the amount of time that you can wait for it to bake.