Inflow not moving with mesh anymore

Hello, I have a simple scene with a bar table and a couple of shots of whiskey being poured.

I did something wrong and had to undo a couple of steps, When I recovered, the sphere I have inside my bottle still moves but the inflow that should move with it doesn’t.

My inflow is set to “Volume”
the inflow is enabled for 40 frames(using keyframes).

I was thinking that the problem was that the inflow left the fluid domain at one point so I tried to keep it inside using location key framing.

DropTHewishik_v2_eiliiku.blend (791 KB)

.blend file if you want to take a look.

[SOLVED] See Richard Marklew’s answer, thank you. It’s always nice to get a fast response and help with my beginner problems.

Enable the ‘Export Animated Mesh’ option in the inflow settings. Also the inflow does not have any inflow velocity