Inflow objects not generating water

I’m trying to get water to come out of some turbines, but only after they submerge. Instead of bothering with all of the physics of pumping water through a turbine and the headache of actually modeling those, I’m using an inflow object that generates water when the inlet hits the water. Only no water comes out. As you can see, the water should be coming up and backwards from the rear of the vehicle that this particular frame. Did I miss something?

I made the ship a non-object in the fluid sim and water came out the sphere’s at the wrong time, but in the correct direction. During the wrong time, the velocity was set to (0,0,0) instead of the (-.887,0,.461) we see here.

If the inflow starts outside the domain, would that mess up how the inflow object works?

I give up at this point. But I’d like to also know why the water reacts to an incoming object before it touches. As the object draw near, the water reaches up toward the object.

OK… you’re a little zoomed in for me see what’s going on here…

  1. is your inflow inside the domain?

  2. the inflow uses the object’s local coordinates… or that’s how you have it set at the moment. What is the object’s rotation?

  3. as the inflow object is JUST an inlow object it would be easier to turn it on by moving it into the domain rather than keying the inflow amount.

  4. is the landscape-like mesh I see your water domain? If so the res is so low that the inflow is smaller than one polygon in your domain which will not be helping.

  1. Yes it is inside the domain.
  2. I’ve set it to local, but they might as well be global as the rotation is 0,0,0. I did see water going in the correct direction when the vehicle was not considered by the simulation.
  3. If I turned on the inflow by passing the domain wall, then the water that comes out will hit the wall and depending on simulation detail hit a wall or disappear, neither is desirable while the wall remains in view. But there may be a way to hide that that I haven’t found not having considered it.
  4. That isn’t the water domain, that is the initial water in the domain. The domain itself goes a ways above the surface. I was wondering if that might be case, but I get water at the wrong times when I make the vehicle a non-object.