Inflow parented to bone don't get rotate/location at same time

I’m using blender 2.59 r39263 , windows xp, 2 gb ram

My problem is like follows:

I need a character puke in anothers in one beer party (ahem) . Then , I attached one inflow object to the head and now comes the problem, he moves in the party running at same time. I put some force in the inflow property to make it out the fluid. Then, if I activate the “export animation” , then the object is procesed only by their location ignoring the local coordinates to rotate, then I deactivate “export animation” for activate then “local coordinates” , but only gets the local rotation , not the local location of the inflow object.

There is some form of make this, some form of activate both? Thanks you in advance.

I will upload some examples for make a more easy response (make with 2.59 r39307)

In the local coordinates file, the inflow fluid is static in location, but gets the speed of the inflow and make it flows in the correct direction making the rotation.
In the export animation file, the inflow fluid moves correctly, but don’t process the speed of the inflow, leaving it without correct.

Then, is this supported? I think don’t had much work implement it because must be a mix of both functions, or it’s a bug?

fluid_export_animation.blend (66.3 KB)
fluid_local_coordinates.blend (66.4 KB)