Info Bar's Mem

I’m curious about this “mem” thing. I am assuming the info bar’s mem = memory:

If I may:

  • Memory of program or project?
  • The “M’s” signify?
  • The value in the parenthesis signify?

looks like the M = system memory usage is for the project, I have a test sculpt scene that is 172.57 mb and when I hit render it shoots up to 877+ so good chance it is system memory usage but don’t quote me on it as for the () no idea

The () fluctuates during rendering. I would guess that this is the ave. memory used during render, but like I said, this is just a guess.

I believe I am going to lose sleep over this tonight: [Link]

With some substantial searching don’t you hate it when there is no documentation for something relatively simple/common, and it is just not there. Who can I get in contact with to find out?