Info header bug related to keymaps

I am currently putting together a keymap, while I was testing I noticed that the info text in the info window header does not display when a keymap other then blender and maya are active. Has anyone else had this issue?

I’m referring to the text that appears when you perform an operation such as remove doubles, or run a script that raises an error.

From what I see it looks related to info.reports_display_update.

How do I right this line in the keymap to fix this, its not documented from what I can tell.

It currently looks likes this:
kmi =‘info.reports_display_update’, ‘TIMER’, ‘ANY’, any=True)

hmm, just tested, I have several, spacebar menu, copy attributes enabled by default.
rev 46960, seems ok, remove doubles message in header.

Yeah, I narrowed it down, seems to only happen when you have a keymap that edits the ‘window’ map, if you look in the keymap for blender defaults on the bottom of the window catagory there is Update Reports Display, the type of event mapping is Timer and the event mapping (keybinding) is a blank dropdown box.

When you modify the window map and export it, the exported script writes:
kmi =‘info.reports_display_update’, ‘TIMER’, ‘ANY’, any=True)

For this item which is obviously wrong becuase the info header no longer reports updates. And Update Reports Display now reads Timer in both event mappings rather then just the first.

I temporarily commented out the map window section to fix this, gonna file a bug report if there isn’t one.

You can test this by simply changing the Update Reports Display event mapping from blank to any other option and the info header will no longer report updates.