Info Header Useful [Iconize Header]

Iconize the header and add detailed features

The text menu in the header is converted into an icon, making it a compact UI that does not interfere with work or vision. Add some more detailed menus.

Useful when you want to operate on a narrow screen such as a notebook PC or split screen display, or for people who are used to Blender and want to operate with a minimal UI.

Demo Video

Download - gumroad $9

Supported version

  • Blender2.79(Only First Version)
  • Blender2.80
  • Blender2.81


Header Color Change

Change the color of the header in a specific state to reduce misoperation.
Like a 3ds Max that can check the effective state of automatic keyframe insertion.

  • When automatic key frame mode is enabled: “Red”
  • When Dyntopo is enabled …… “Yellow”
  • Mesh editing …… “Green”
  • When editing shape key …… “Blue”
    • Internally, the color changes when editing a shape key other than the top shape key.
    • If the topmost shape key is in a non-base mesh order, it will not function properly.
    • Explanation for each editor

Top Bar

  • Recently opened file list, latest automatic backup icon
  • Auto keyframe mode icon
  • Display current frame
  • Display object name
  • Compact collection

The compact collection menu allows simple collection operations and eliminates the need for an outliner screen during work.
You can switch the collection display and change the active status.

In addition, the standard menu is stored in the small :arrow_forward: button.

  • Compact collection menu
  • statistics
  • Work space
  • Scene and view layers
  • 3D view

Edit Mode

Sculpt Mode

:arrow_forward: Press to display the menu registered in QuickFavorites.

  • Symmetric editing buttons in various modes
  • Option to return menus such as the coordinate system moved to the tool setting bar to the header of the 3D view
  • Numerical setting of Dynatopo and remeshing in sculpt mode
  • Remesh works with Blender 2.81a
  • Alert when global undo is off


A function has been prepared to perform batch operations on all modifiers of objects.

  • Open and close
  • Switch display
  • All applications
  • Delete all
  • Change name to reference object name
  • Set the render and viewport numbers to the same
  • Duplicate array and curve settings (when curves and objects are selected)


Streamlined keymaps and add-on searches, and added what I felt needed for add-on development.

  • Save settings button
  • Translation switch button
  • Icon viewer (requires built-in add-on “icon viewer”)
  • Reload add-on
  • Key type search filter type button (text and key)
  • Keymap search bar
  • Collapse all open keymap items

Release Notes

ver1.6.0 added menu in Preference header


Added Menu

  • Filter type button in Keymap search TEXT or KEY
  • Keymap Search Bar
  • Collapse Keymap Items
  • Icon Viewer (Use Build-in Addon)

ver1.5 Restore Blender 2.79 3D view header functions


Added Function

  • -Add various header functions in 3D view such as mirror and Dyntopo
  • -In case of shape key editing, header color is changed
  • -Reduce mistakes such as editing the base mesh by mistake.
  • -Internal processing … The color changes when editing the shape key which is not the top. If the top shape keys are not in the base mesh order they will not work properly.

Bug fix

  • -The color does not return when disabling from Dyntopo enabled state

ver 1.4.0 Header color change implemented in Blender 2.8

  • Improve it so that you can set colors to be changed from add-on settings

  • Improve to display bone name

Bug fix

  • Fixed a bag that moves but keeps spilling error all the time

ver 1.2.0 Update Blender2.8ver

· Change the header menu to icon
·Scene and layer menu stored in small buttons
Menu is not hidden even if it becomes a narrow screen layout like a half screen display
· Header part other than main header is not supported
· The function to change the header color is not supported

Reason for creating this Addon

Blender is my most favorite 3DCG tool, but I felt that the little things were missing.
As in 3ds Max, make the frame red in auto key mode to make the current status clear,
Check or change current frame in full screen,
Recently opened file list, latest automatic backup, etc…
The most inconvenient point is that you can not always check or change the name of the selected object like Maya.
We created an add-on that allows you to quickly check such detailed status.


Hi, First of all, thank you for answering your request for reproduction of 2.79 Compact Layer.
It became easier to use than before, but I felt it would be easier to use a smaller one personally, so I tried changing some of the scale-related values.
I think that it is honestly annoying to report code modification ideas via SNS, so I will report here :slight_smile:

Adjusted between 848 and 885 lines. I put the code for reference.

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ver2.5.0 Bulk operation of constraints and other fine changed


Added a button that collectively operate the constraint

Features such as modifier batch operation is an existing function, it was also added to the constraint Bone constraint.

  • Bulk opening and closing of the menu
  • Bulk display switching
  • Bulk Delete

Icon the header menu of the Graph Editor

Button of the type switching of shader editor

  • The switching of the object World line style was button of


Changed the part of the display switch setting, to each scene dependent from the add-on set-dependent

  • Menu switching of the top bar and quick Favorite

Change the availability of the menu of the Icon Viewer add-on option

The header color change function, add the option to stop the function only during editing

If any problem occurs during the editing mode, please use the.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where the header color change function did not work well

Fix the problem by design change of Blender2.82

The header of the UV / image editor, in the image switching menu of this add-on, there was a problem that no longer displays the icons such as delete or create new.
For this reason, and the standard image switching menu, it was to be displayed simultaneously to a small thumbnail.

I recently installed info_header_useful_2-8_ver2-5-0 on Blender 2.82, but the interface on the above menu no longer displays correctly.
Unfortunately, the error is not significant and the menu disappears when info_header_useful_2-8_ver2-5-0 is installed.
You can click on a menu that’s gone, or drag PreferencesView.ui _ line _ width to temporarily display it.
However, the judgment of the click is small and it is not visible, so it is luck whether it can be displayed or not.

The Addon settings menu is also broken, and everything but the “Right end Position Scene And Viewlayer” checkbox on the Top Bar is gone.

I will write the original text just in case.

最近Blender 2.82にinfo_header_useful_2-8_ver2-5-0をインストールしてみたのですが、

Top Barの「Right end Position Scene And Viewlayer」のチェック欄以外は消滅している状態です。



1. コンソールのエラーを確認する

  • トップバー → ウィンドウ → システムコンソール切替え


2. 他のアドオンを無効化する


  • 思い当たる競合しそうなアドオンを無効化してみる
  • 下記の場所にあるinfo_header_useful以外のアドオンファイルすべてを、一時的に別の場所に移動してBlenderを起動してみる
    • C:\Users\sdt\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.82\scripts\addons\


アドオン設定メニューの「Right end Position Scene And Viewlayer」のチェック欄以外は消滅している

確認ですが、“Header Color” や"Link" タブ内のメニューも表示されませんか?


[email protected]

  1. コンソールのエラーを確認する
  2. 他のアドオンを無効化する



Info Header Useful ver2.4.0 以前ではここにいくつかのチェックの項目があったのを記憶していたので





old …… bpy.context.preferences.addons[package].preferences
new …… bpy.context.scene.ihuseful

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ver2.6.0 Enable / disable for each menu

Enable / disable for each menu

You can now activate only the menus you need

3D view header is more compacted

Eliminated text for mode switching and coordinate system switching.

Other bug fixes

Fixed console error output that occurred in ver2.5.0

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This error occured when trying to enable the addon. Any help?
Blender ver. 2.83.9
On earlier versions of blender (on 2.82.6) the same error pops up too


This error occurs when the add-on is already registered.
This is because the add-on that should have been disabled could not be properly unregistered for some reason.


  1. Disable add-ons
  2. Save Blender preferences
  3. Restart Blender
  4. Re-enable add-ons

If that doesn’t work, please let me know the more detailed error situation.

ok, I 've done as you suggested but this message below shows up

According to the image, an error occurred when loading the bone constraint menu.
I can’t reproduce the error in my PC, so I can’t pinpoint the exact cause…


Disable other add-ons

The info_header_useful add-on rewrites the menu by removing the standard menu once and adding the add-on menu again.
Other add-ons such as removing the bone constraint menu may be the cause.

  • Try to disable add-ons that seem to conflict
  • Temporarily move all add-on files except info_header_useful to another location. Start Blender.
    • C:\Users\sdt\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender<Blender version>\scripts\addons\


You can probably enable the add-on by using ver2.4.0 .
(because there is no bone constraint menu in ver2.4.0)

It works now!. Thank you for a quick support! :upside_down_face:

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Added small status color display

Since the header color change function may cause a crash, we have added the ability to display the status in color in another way.

  • When automatic keyframe insertion is enabled, the bottom of the menu turns red.

  • When the object mode is shape key editing, the bottom of the object name turns blue.

  • When the object mode is dynatopo enabled, the bottom of the object name turns yellow.

  • Fixed the problem that the ▼ menu on the top bar disappeared in Blender2.91a.


Added batch invalidation function for header menu

Added the function to disable all header menus at once.

This is convenient when you want to temporarily return to the default display.

Undo all the menus that the add-on changes.

If the Save Cams add-on is enabled, it also toggles the display of the render menu that the Save Cams add-on modifies.


Ctrl + F5

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue in Blender 2.91 where the symmetry option was not available.

(In 2.91, the specification of the symmetry option was changed from each mode to the object data unit)

Fixed an issue where Japanese translation was not working

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