Info on Blender File Format ?

I would like to know how the data are written in a blend file to read it from a C program.

Does anybody know if this information is available anywhere or is it secret till Blender GPL ?

Might be a silly question. Show some respect to an ignorant folk :wink:


The blend format is a data dump. The format is a secret Ton reciepe ™ :wink: until the openning of the source.


It might be still secret, but there have been reasonably succesful attempts at decoding it. There was a guy called ‘nirved’ who was able to do this, as well as other advanced things, like a new GUI called bex (where is he now?)

There was somebody else who made a perl script from his code called ‘BLASC’, but I don’t think it is still available for download, I can’t find it anymore, I do have the script myself btw

Then there is this C program, which might also help you, but didn’t seem as succesful as the perl script, it crashed often:

Thanx guys !