Information from one scene to another


I just have a simple question…

If i have a game, i have 2 scenes, level 1 and 2.
I want my game character to bring points and upgrade stuff from scene 1 to 2. is it possible to do this with logic bricks or something??


yes, here’s the way:
Scene 1
Whatever Sensor -> AND -> Message Actuator - Subject: mywordhere
Scene 2
Message Sensor - Subject : mywordhere -> AND -> Whatever Actuator

When i want to save some variables, for example life, i do this. = lifesc1[“Text”]

this generates a global variable, so when i am in another scene

i wrote
lifesc2[“Text”] =

this is how i mange the global variables i hope it helps to you.

if you save them in GameLogic.globalDict[“name”] they are kept even if you change .blend file.