InGame Day-Night change (finished blend file)

This is actually not a game. I developed this project in my game to have changing game time with effects. The script reads your system time and convert it into game time, which is 6 times faster than normal world time. So 24 hours is in the game at 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 of your time (or it should – I tested it only in my country - Czech Republic). I added some IPOs to background and light in scenes (so it looks a bit reallistic). Script is using python time module, so you should have latest python installed to run it properly.

Here is night screenshot (timer on the top is showing game time).
Feel free to use it in your games. I think that it is usable in MMORG games.
–>DOWNLOAD<-- (blend file; 184 KB, RAR)

really nice features I was trying to do some similar stuff like in pokemon or shenmue ! nice ! Maybe you could had a trasparent cloud box this way the sky with change and the cloud will mouve or whatever

Interesting! Very well done. 5 stars

World of Warcraft uses something along similar lines, but its tied to the server time. The skies dynamically adapt to the environment and the time of day as well. Maybe you can implement Sun and Moon features as well. Just some suggestions for further improvement. Other then that, it’s very well implemented. Nice work.

This is just my old project. I posted it to help people, who dont know how to start. There is a lot of things you can change or add :). You can add some ambient music and do a screensaver from the blend file — Everytime you start it, the sky looks different and it makes some people HAPPY :).

Nice feature, it could be usefull for some of the projects here on the forum.

I hope it will be usefull, spacestrudel :). If anyone use my template in his game or project, please write it here. Or if anyone do some modification, optimisation, post a link here too. I like to learn something new. For example, if someone could do random clouds or raining weather, it would be wonderful :).

Wow, this is a really cool idea! It’s not in-sync with my clock, but it does consistently change time. Great job!