ingame sword

ok well i make weapons for the game oblivion and i am working on a sword and i have the mesh mostly done but i just cant think of how to connect the handel to the sword. at the moment its just a simple 2 or 3 bolts through the handel and blade. but from the look of the rest of the sword i dont think thats a very good way of connecting the two.

here is a pic of the sword

anyway, any input on the connection of the handel and the blade would be very much appreciated.

How many triangles is that sword?

its approximatly 1000 polys, which sounds like a lot, but for oblivion its quite reasonable being that the human models are over 8000 polys and a i have seen suits of armor can reasonably go up to 15000 polys.

Basically, the handle isn’t balancing the blade I don’t think. So before you become concerned about connecting the two - you need to make them match one another. Once they are balanced, I think that the path to bridging them together will become more apparent.

Another Oblivion modder yay! Yes, Oblivion’s engine can definitely handle this. It looks like it would be a little awqward to hold though…

alden, that is so much exactly my problem…the pic of the sword there, does work in game and it looks good in action, no clipping with the arm or anything. the original sword i made looked more along the lines of this (sorry for my shotty photoshoping)

which looks ok on the actual model and slightly worse in photoshop, but that did clip slightly in game, and worse than that it looked extremely aquard in first person with it coming below your hand and it just wasnt good, although third person looked ok. but that sword in my opinion doesnt need a guard because the part sweeping back on the blade looked almost like a guard and it kind of made it look like what most people think a sword looks like.

Typically sword handles are an extension of the blade. It’s all one piece. The guard is a separate piece, and the handle is wrapped with something (wood, leather, horn, bone, cord, wire, or some combination) to give the weilder a firm grip. The knob at the end of the handle holds everything together, and is usually screwed onto the sword handle like a nut onto a bolt. If you’re dealing with an oversized knife (something like a machete) the wood or bone grip might be bolted or riveted onto the handle, but those types of weapons/tools don’t usually have guards.

ok what do you guys think of this blade

it solves all my problems in game and it still looks pretty good i think, by the way, ignore the guard on that blade its there as a placeholder type thing i know it looks terrible

well i just noticed that i took off the wrong spike…so actually it solves none of my problems lol, imagine it was the other one…