Ingebee problems

(DAK) #1

Why is it all the tutorials at ingebee have none of the images present? Is there a mirror site where I can view these tutes with the images so I can make sence of them? I hope ton will reopen his soon on blender3d. How long can we expect?

(Timonides) #2

Hello DAK!!!

I think that Ingiebee has taken most of the old Blendermania’s tutorials
from, or something like that (correct me if I am wrong).

Now has the text content of the pages, but they don’t have the images and ofcourse most of the links don’t work anymore.

All the images she has on the tutorials, must be from other sources perhaps.

All that, makes her work (reformating those tuts all over from the beginning), really difficult…

Anyway, that’s why most of the images are missing…

I think she does a wonderful job…


(xitnalta) #3

If she did it manually, there wouldn’t be invalid characters in her filenames. I pointed that out several times…

The best (most correct) URL there is is ;). Now Ingie, please promise to remove at least the whitespaces from the filenames … or ask for someone else to do it for you.

(xitnalta) #4

That was not very precise, sorry. IngieBee does work manually, but just a bit less than it might look like, since she uses the “complete website” saving facility from Internet Explorer (Mozilla does the job better, to be honest) - I see this from the “generator” meta tag and - yes - all the spaces in the filenames that don’t belong there.

Internet Explorer is a very bad choice for doing such a thing since it converts (don’t know for sure about tne newer/newest versions) everything to its own liking, and thus potentionally making the documents completely unusable for non-MS browsers.

(Timonides) #5

I don’t know if she is doing it manually or not.

What I know is that she has no obligation to do it.

Yet, though she has other problems of her own (being a parent and working and fixing those tutorials, all in the same time, isn’t the easiest thing to do), she is reformating those tutorials which in other case would have been lost…

And she is doing it not for herself only, but for us to…

Please, just give her some time. I know all the problems will be solved…