Ingram M10 machine pistol

M10 45 auto - legendary firearm from Military Armament Corporation. Perfect for a gunfight in a phonebooth.
For now I’m done with modeling. There’s couple details to fix, but for now I want to move to unwrapping and texturing.


A little progress in the free time.

Just tried Quixel Mixer. Unfortunately it doesn’t run on Linux, so I needed to install it through PlayOnLinux. It runs quite well for new and untested software, but there are issues with controls, missing maps and performance.

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Another session with Quixel.

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its coming together quite nicely! you mentioned missing maps on the ammo shot, was that for the actual projectile? the cases and primers look great, the bullets are the color of cast, but dont look cast, they look more like a FMJ… just the wrong color.
Sionics cans are super cool looking!

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Hey, thanks @ericthered !
The missing maps? No, no I ment that when importing baked maps (like AO, curv, etc) into Mixer sometimes they do not load properly. There is a lot other issues also, like disappearing layer panel. But you can work around that with frequent saving. I hope Quixel will develop native Linux version.

There are no cast projectiles with that shape for 45ACP? I have little gun expertise unfortunately due to living in nanny-state (EU thing :face_vomiting:). Anyway changing them to Full Metal Jacket is not a problem.
I modeled the cartidge after these refs:

Sionics, yes :^). I wanted to give the sup a litte more customised look with the big logo. Yeah I know, that from tactical standpoint big white logo is bad, as it would compromise your position quickly but it looks cool.
BTW I started this project after watching Forgotten Weapons vid about MAC and Sionics. Fascinating piece of history.

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Forgotten weapons is quite cool!
Sionics and the Military armament Company do have some interesting history.
There are indeed a number of options for cast projectiles for 45 ACP (which all 45 ACP is subsonic). I do not know about other parts of the world, but in the U.S I can’t think of a factory non jacketed round for a 45. There are a lot of reloaders that use them however. The reason why many people don’t use non jacketed projectiles is because of lead fouling. Lead build up in a barrel can be relatively easy to remove (plenty of products for that). Lead buildup in a can however is a royal pain to clean out.
The other consideration is lead cartridges smoke more to. that wax ring at the base burns as it is going.
There are some cast projectiles that dont use wax, they are coated in some kind of poly jacket.

hopefully that wasnt to much of a tangent… Im kinda a enthusiast and I can enthuse at the slightest provocation!

As with the Sionics logo, I think it looks great there! I actualy was looking up those cans the other day because I thought they had a logo there on some of them, couldn’t find it, but it looks good!

The Lead bullets do have more contrast then copper plated, so from a artistic perspective it looks good!

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Oh, I see. Now it makes sense. Well, I’ll make a decision about that when I’ll be finishing the entire scene.

No problem, mate.

I have found two versions. First (9mm) seems to don’t have the logo:

But the second (45ACP) clearly have it:

Thanks for the appreciation!

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